Outi Jaakkonen

COO, Sales Manager
Tel: +358 5210 8900

Aki Korte

Port Agency Manager
Tel: +358 5210 8986 (24h)

Miia Terakoski

Freight Forwarding Manager
Tel: +358 5210 8900

Helen Ersling

Head Accountant
Tel: +358 10 281 0750

Katalin Matikainen

Head of Administration
Tel: +358 10 281 0750

Leena Volinsky

Operations Manager
Tel: +358 10 281 0750

Milja Rautiainen

Port Agency Manager
Tel: +358 5210 8986 (24h)

Piia Myyry

Transit Operations Manager
Tel: +358 5210 8900

Markus Koistinen

Head of Warehouse Operations
Tel: +358 5210 8900

Heiki Lemba

Board Member, CEO
Tel: +358 40 099 6632

About Us

STELLA is a Finnish privately owned company specialized in worldwide shipping and complete logistics solutions.

Our services include worldwide liner and shipping services, sea and air freight forwarding for all types of cargo, industrial project cargo transportation, port agency and on-&offshore services, warehousing, transit logistics and trucking operations to Russia and CIS countries.

We are experienced in managing and handling logistic projects, as well we are pleased to offer turnkey marine solutions to our customers. The experienced logistics professionals in our team help our customers with their various shipping and logistic challenges.

We operate from Baltic Sea region. Own and affiliated offices are located in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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