Warehousing and transit logistics

Warehousing and transit logistics

STELLA is providing several warehousing services, including re/loading and re/packing and customs clearance. Transit logistics to/from Russia and CIS and trucking operations are provided. Excellent location of the Port of HaminaKotka with only 35 kilometers from the Russian border is the most Eastern port in Finland.There is 25,000 m2 of total floor area, pallet friendly racking system, latest security and safety equipment and many other solutions in our warehouse.

The customers can take advantage of our warehouses, which have optimum location in the central place in Mussalo harbour, have direct connection to harbour´s services, and are linked to inland road connections. The terminal services are provided for all kinds of cargo: break bulk, ro-ro, containerized, high & heavy. Around the warehouses there is an asphalted storage area (for containers, etc.), which is resistant for heavy truck traffic.

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